Woodseats Medical Centre

Doctor appointments

To make an appointment with a GP, please telephone the Practice after 08.30am Monday to Friday.

The Receptionist will take details about the nature of your call and you will be directed to the most appropriate clinician or team. If appropriate, the Doctor will triage your call and book you an appointment where necessary.   

To keep patients waiting time to a minimum:

When booking your appointment with the GP, please advise them if you need to discuss more than one medical issue as this will likely require a longer appointment. If you do not inform the GP prior to your appointment that you wish to discuss more than one medical issue,  you may be asked to make a further appointment.

If the doctor has asked you to come back to see them for a follow up appointment, then the receptionist will book this for you without the need for an assessment by the doctor but please book follow appointments well in advance to ensure you get an appointment as planned.