Woodseats Medical Centre

Period poverty

In an effort to try and help combat period poverty, Woodseats Medical Centre now have a selection of sanitary products available in all public toilets within the Practice. Period poverty is a worldwide issue and affects millions of women and girls who struggle to afford or access safe menstrual protection.
Ruth May, England’s Chief Nurse, added: “Periods are part of life and too often we take it for granted that everyone has easy access to sanitary products.
“Period poverty affects an estimated one in 10 girls in this country and it can cause real anxiety when you can’t find the right product when you need it.
“Health problems are stressful enough, and this move will mean that the embarrassment, discomfort and anxiety finding yourself in hospital without adequate protection on your period will be a thing of the past.”
A recent survey showed that at least one in four women and girls has had to miss work or school due to not being able to afford sanitary products.

Date published: 29th November, 2023
Date last updated: 29th November, 2023